Special Projects



Today, escalators and moving walkways are both high quality and sophisticated, and this is due mainly to the service of science to safety and to the respect for the environment. We design a big variety of escalators that blend in at shopping malls, office buildings and hotels.


ALZA can install reliable car lifts in your company or your house.


Cargo-Lifts meet the most demanding commercial and industrial needs, where durability and reliability are fundamental qualities.

Lifts for hospitals

Installation of lifts, capable to cope with demanding and specific needs of hospitals.

Panoramic lifts

ALZA turns your trip into a real experience, as all parts of the lift can be made out of glass or any parts you want.

Elevators without machine room

One type of lift that requires minimal installation space because the machine room can be integrated inside the shaft.

Disability lifts

The installation and use of a special lift system, is the solution for improved access to buildings for disabled people and people with special mobility needs.  The elderly or people with disabilities require solutions that allow them freedom of movement in their homes.  It adapts easily to any environment.

Cable car

Design and installation of ski-lifts of all kinds ( overhead, sliding, cabins, cable cabin, beginner lifts, inclined funicular, belt conveyors).



Specialized services of elevator maintenance - repair



  • Elevator installation study
  • Certification
  • Modernization, etc