ontracts for elevator maintenance

We offer maintenance solutions for any kind of elevator/lift.  And if you have not found yet what you are looking for, please let us know, we will be happy to serve you and build for you an individualised solution.  The lifespan of an object is proportional to the quality of the materials that constitute it, its installation and the maintenance is made therein.  The same principle applies to the elevators/lifts and in particular with increased importance because your safe transport is the aim of our company.

Maintenance for our company means:

  • Inspection of the electrical and mechanical safety devices as well as of the other elevator components.
  • Necessary works in order to restore the safe operation of the lift ensuring the:

- Elimination of damages and deregulations

- Cleaning - lubrication of all parts, when necessary.

Our experienced staff, in both old and new technology lifts, will diagnose any damage immediately and will repair  any problem, restoring the operation of your elevator/lift, quickly and safely.



Specialized services of elevator maintenance - repair



  • Elevator installation study
  • Certification
  • Modernization, etc