Hydraulic Elevators

Hydraulic elevator systems are widely used for nearly 20 years.  The lift machine of these systems consists of electric motor,  pump, piston, valve block assembly.  The main advantages of this system are:

  • The ability of immediate evacuation in case of power failure
  • Long lifespan because of the lift systems operating in hydraulic oil.
  • Without engine room for better use of built space.
  • Low installation and maintenance cost.
  • Safety, comfort and low noise levels.

But the main disadvantage is the inability to be installed in  tall buildings with multiple floors (more than 6), since the maximum operation height is limited by the length of the piston.  Also this type cannot achieve high speeds, so there is no use in buildings with heavy traffic.

Finally, it has a higher power consumption compared to the mechanical type by about 40% more.  



Specialized services of elevator maintenance - repair



  • Elevator installation study
  • Certification
  • Modernization, etc