Elevators without machine room

The elevators without machine room are cutting-edge technology in the elevators field.  This technology has all the advantages of the hydraulic elevator while there is no need to find extra space for the engine room.

Machine Roomless elevators (MRL) are elevators that do not require additional space for the engine room.  All components are placed inside the shaft and thus achieve space saving in the building.

Elevators, mechanical or hydraulic require the necessary machine  room space.  This construction given can be considered as a thing of the past with the Machine Roomless elevators (MRL) which are the most reliable and efficient solution.

The elevator without machine room requires minimal installation space because the machine room  can be integrated inside the shaft, equipped with the variable frequency system (inverter).  ALZA pays great attention to the importance of the installation study and design of elevators without machine room with main objective, solutions that combine the requirements and characteristics of the market with cutting-edge technology products for demanding buildings.

Elevators without machine room offer many advantages such as:

  • Space saving.
  • Flexibility in building design
  • Respecting the environment and energy saving
  • Strict compliance with current legislation and regulations
  • Most advantageous cost - benefit relation for the manufacturer
  • Recourses saving during installation work
  • Shockproof and quiet operation
  • Safe and comfortable use
  • Easy maintenance  


Specialized services of elevator maintenance - repair



  • Elevator installation study
  • Certification
  • Modernization, etc